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Our mantra is: you don’t organize what you aren’t keeping! So, whether you plan to stay in your home/have just moved into your new home or need to prepare for a move/renovation, we purge any & all rooms of unwanted or displaced items (including attics & garages!) Depending on the need, we either take the unwanted item(s) to donation centers or if items are larger than what fit into our vehicles, we outsource the job to a hauling pro. We also provide a tax receipt for things that have been donated.


Once decluttering is complete, we turn our focus to the organization of the space/room. Categorizing is an essential part of the process and one of the things that can easily overwhelm & derail many people from finishing the task. Additionally, we may need to recommend organization products to help make a space functional. Therefore, we personally shop for any needed items and implement them into the space. 10 years of experience has proven we have an expertise that has resulted in many satisfied clients.



As professional organizers, we offer a “controlled” approach to packing & unpacking:

*Our “control pack”- We help you navigate the removal of unwanted items before we begin packing! Why pay more to move things you don’t ultimately plan to keep and add stress by having to deal with them after moving?

*Our “control unpack”- We use our expertise to carefully plan & organize each space as we unpack! Why not reduce stress by allowing us to quickly & efficiently make your new home functional?

Whether you have one room or an entire home that needs decluttering, organizing and/or packing/unpacking, the Control Freaks would love to

sit down with you to discuss your needs and provide a custom plan

that suits you!

Click here to schedule a consultation!



  • Declutter & organize any area of a home including attics & garages

  • Prepare for a new move or renovation by helping you declutter & pack

  • Unpack & set up your entire home after moving in or any area following a renovation

  • Drop off unwanted items to donation centers & provide a tax receipt

  • Personally shop for all organizational products

  • Measure & design organization systems for closets, pantries, garages & more

  • Provide on-going organization in a home by allowing us to do “maintenance” as needed or on a regularly-scheduled basis.

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