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“It is such a wonderful feeling to have the help of the Control Freaks. We just did some renovations with new closets, and I could not have organized them without their help. My brain was so tired from the whole job that it was a godsend. I highly recommend the Control Freaks to anyone…they work with your budget, your schedule and your life style.  I plan to continue having them help me in upcoming projects.

—K.C. | Uptown Charlotte NC

For the past ten years, the Control Freaks have been my number one stress reliever. Sherri and Tori consistently and
reliably conquer the craziness to create calm in my home. I’m a single working mom and business owner, who also became the primary caretaker for ailing parents. I could not and cannot successfully manage all of my responsibilities without the time and attention to my home by The Control Freaks! The best nights are the ones walking into a house that has just been 'Freaked!'“

A.S.H. | South Charlotte, NC

I am so thankful for Control Freaks! Sherri and Tori have been such a blessing to me and my family! They have helped to make what appeared to me to be a daunting and impossible task a reality in our home.

Our family recently made a move which was quick and very disorganized. Because of the family schedule and activities I was unable to clean out as I packed, so we ended up moving ALL of our junk & clutter. I really wanted to be unpacked and organized as soon as we could be so I wasn’t always thinking about the house but enjoying our family time and, especially, the holidays as they quickly arrived. It seemed that I was dreaming an impossible dream.

Then Sherri and Tori walk in. I initially met with them to discuss my problem of the new garage where most of the junk and clutter landed.  I wanted to have it cleaned out so that we could utilize it for our cars.  However, we were still in boxes in the kitchen, living room and all the bedrooms.  They helped me to prioritize what should be done to help the overall functionality and quality of living for the entire family.  The Control Freaks systematically and efficiently helped me unpack the entire house and create organization systems that streamlined the family needs and uses. They took disorder to order which, in turn, has helped me to be a good steward of my money and time as well as be a good mom and wife. While we were working, I was able to clean out what I didn't need or use anymore AND create homes for the things I kept for our day-to-day living.  Add to all of that - Sherri and Tori would drop off the items I wanted to donate to a local charity.

Contrary to their name, the Control Freaks helped me in a non-controlling, non-judgemental, very understanding way.  The ladies are so easy (and fun!) to work with. I instantly came to see them as friends.  And how could I not?  They were helping to make my home, an extension of myself, to be the best that it can be. I would have to say that they helped to infuse joy and harmony in the home and even in our family.  They understood that I'm a sentimental saver and they were conscientious to approach all the decisions I needed to make with that fact in mind. They've given me license to be sentimental and also helped me to see when I needed not to be so. They helped me to categorize in my mind the items that further the goals I have for our home and family life and those that just hinder them. They provided many creative (and pretty) solutions to many of my disorganization issues.

I always look forward to the time with Sherri and Tori. They are very professional and fun. The Control Freaks have helped me to be less distracted from the important things in life.  Through their assistance, I have a less chaotic and more peaceful home. And all of the family love that!

Thank you, Sherri and Tori, for all the time, care and effort you have given to make our home enjoyable!"

A.A. | Matthews, NC

I called the Control Freaks to organize two different home offices, and they helped me to realize how bad I am at organization by how GOOD they are.  My office was amazing after they got done! So amazing, I actually use it again on a daily basis.  As a Realtor, I see the importance of what they do so much from a professional and personal level. That's why I recommend them to all of my clients who are unorganized like me. Thanks to Sherri and Tori for the fabulous job they do and great service they deliver...and getting me organized! Call the Freaks!!”

—D.K. | Mint Hill, NC

The Control Freaks have been a godsend for me! I had just gotten so overwhelmed with stuff and junk and clutter in my
house that I didn’t even know where to start! They came over and had me straightened out! My closet is so wonderful. I
just sometimes sit in there and bask in its neatness! Sherri and Tori are both super nice and work like speed demons.
They don’t judge you on your lack of organization either! I have loved having them help me and highly recommend them to anyone! Thank you, girls!”

—M.T. | Newton, NC

As a busy mom I was totally overwhelmed at the thought of organizing my home. The control freaks came in and listened to all my MANY concerns. I felt unorganized and scattered. They not only helped to organize my closets, pantry, rooms,etc etc, they inspired me to figure out systems that would work in my everyday life so that every item has a home. My home feels so much more peaceful thanks to the Control Freaks!”

—H.F. | Stonecrest area, South Charlotte

I absolutely could not do without my wonderful Control Freaks, Sherri and Tori!  I am so happy that they came into my life five years ago when we moved to Lake Norman from Boston.  My mother and many of her friends in Charlotte and Davidson had hired them to help with home organization and to help with moving. They helped my parents move from their house of 25 years with items accumulated during their 55 years of marriage and were amazing at helping to sort and organize for their move.  


Another service that makes Sherri and Tori so unique is their 'Pack and Unpack Service'.  Just a few weeks ago they helped me pack up my entire kitchen as it is about to be remodeled. Once the renovation is complete, they will return to get it all back in place. Another bonus they 'bring to the table' is their partnership with The Container Store.  Sherri and Tori can help design organization systems for closets as well as other areas.  They will soon be helping us design our new garage organization system. I love the way they label all the cabinets and bins making things easy to find.

Sherri and Tori are very receptive to their clients wishes and preferences.  They are always cheerful and willing to do just about anything to help their clients.  They always arrive on time, dressed in their darling uniforms ready to get to work. It is always a pleasure to have them in my home. I am very careful about who I hire and who I let in my house.  I have utmost trust and respect for them.  They are hard-working, loyal, dependable ladies.  They have become my friends as well as my home organization experts.  Thank you, ladies, for all that you do to help your clients.”

J.E.M., Cornelius NC

—M.S. | Davidson NC

I could not have managed our move without the girls! They are wonderful! Plus, I gained two special friends!”

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