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Sherri Hopper & Tori Jenkins are two distinctly skilled women who share a common passion & purpose:
to help others navigate the frequently, overwhelming process of decluttering & organizing a home.
Even though the Control Freaks’ tagline, “Let us help bring CONTROL to your home” is succinct, this
phrase is full of meaning to help explain who they are:

Let = “Give yourself grace” is a phrase Sherri & Tori use often when interacting with many of their clients
who feel overwhelmed and under-qualified for creating an organized home. In the same way, they also
say, “give yourself permission” to ask for help if you need it!

Us = Sherri & Tori believe their 2-person approach gives clients the best of both worlds. Sherri refers to
herself as a “sentimentalist” while Tori calls herself a “minimalist”. Sherri understands the desire to
want to keep things that have meaning. Tori is able to objectively see how keeping too many things can
potentially create more stress. The end result is a beautifully, blended partnership that meets the needs
of a wide variety of clients.

Help = Both Sherri & Tori hold a deeply-rooted conviction to help others, and they don’t judge how or
why a client’s home (or area or closet, etc.) has gotten out of control. Their approach is professional but
also very personable.

Bring Control = For many people, the word “control” may carry the idea of perfection; therefore, having
a home under control may seem like an elusive concept. Because Sherri & Tori believe helping create
homes that function well is the ultimate goal, making the clear distinction between perfection and
control is an important part of the process. When well working systems are created and used, bringing
control to every area of a home is achievable!

To your Home = Sherri & Tori truly believe that every home has the potential to be a place of refuge &
inspiration instead of chaos & stress. Therefore, marrying beauty and function is another essential
component of the decluttering & organization process. When organizing any space, they consider both

When you arrive at your home at the end of an exhausting day, how do you feel? Do you love walking in the door? If not, then consider contacting us and let the Control Freaks bring control to YOUR home!

Click here to schedule a consultation!

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