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Although Tori Jenkins and Sherri Hopper grew up worlds apart (Tori on the west coast & Sherri on the east), both shared a common passion for list making even as very young girls…

Oh the adrenaline rush when an item got checked off! Sometimes we even added things after they were done just so we could feel the satisfaction of putting that big check beside it!

Fast forward 30 years…

After becoming best friends in our early 40’s and ultimately forming the business, Sherri & Tori discovered this “fun fact” about one another and instantly knew why we were destined to start an organization business and aptly name it “CONTROL FREAKS”! What’s on our list may look a bit different these days, but the love for all things organized and under control hasn’t changed a bit.

Because we each have our areas of strength, the end result is, in our opinion, a wonderfully-blended partnership: Tori loves simplicity and knows how to make the decluttering process a reality. Sherri can take 1000 things and make them look cohesive and beautiful. Sherri is the visionary; Tori is the executor of the vision. Sherri has a sentimental side; Tori is extremely practical. We don’t compete with one another; we complement each other. We appreciate what the other “brings to the table” in order to effectively meet the needs of each of our clients. So, whether you have too much stuff and it’s time to purge or you have alot of stuff and just need help organizing it all, we are your girls!

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