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  • Prepare for a new move by helping you declutter & pack
  • Unpack & set up your home (or perhaps just key areas such as the kitchen, home office, etc) after moving in to a new home
  • De-clutter & reorganize any area after a renovation
  • Attack any area in your home that is “out of control”; i.e. laundry room, playroom, craft room, bathroom, master/linen/coat closets, garage, attic…you get the idea!
  • Drop off any & all purged items to donation centers, consignment stores and/or dumping location (we also have the names of some very worthy places for donation if you don’t have a preference)
  • Rearrange your furniture to give you a new look to go with your newly organized home (we aren’t “professional interior decorators”, but we both have a knack for savvy design & stylish decor)
  • Apply custom wall decals (we’ve done many of these & LOVE how they can transform a room!)
  • Decorate/undecorate for any holiday (chandeliers are our speciality!)
  • Decorate for any kind of party you are hosting
  • Thoroughly clean any area that we organize
  • Assemble as needed items (i.e. shelving units) purchased at stores such as Ikea, The Container Store, Lowes Home Center, Home Decorator’s Collection
  • Personally shop for all organizational & decor items (including online)
  • Much much more!