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June 10, 2013

So, the Freaks have been hard at work creating our new blog for the last several months, and here it finally is! We did a marketing shoot with Angela Tucker back last fall to feature some of our work. And, that’s what we’d like to share with you all in our first post. We hope you’ll enjoy viewing the pics that Angela took…she’s a fabulous photographer as well as a great friend! We couldn’t have changed over the website to a blog format without her either, so KUDOS to Angela! We are excited about the new blog because we think it will allow us to more easily share with you what we do. With that in mind, you can be sure there will be lots more photos and organizational ideas on future posts! Enjoy!Favorites0027 Favorites0026 Favorites0025 Favorites0024 Favorites0028  Control Freaks0019 Control Freaks0017 Control Freaks0016 Control Freaks0014 Control Freaks0010 Control Freaks0009 Control Freaks0007 Control Freaks0006 Control Freaks0004 Control Freaks0003

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