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June 29, 2013

Like the old adage, “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes”, sometimes a control freak has no time to declutter & organize her own home! That was the case for my husband’s tool room…a project that’s needed attention for some time. You might be wondering why the hubbie didn’t tackle it himself. Me too!

All kidding aside- as in most marriages, we each have our strengths & weaknesses. Mine just happens to be organizing. So…I finally decided Father’s Day weekend was as good a weekend as any to take the plunge. After all, wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift to my husband?!

My husband was less than enthusiastic probably because he knows how meticulous I am…translation: there was a lot of tedious decluttering, cleaning, sorting, etc ahead. But I was the one who was going to do the work, right? So what was the big deal? Answer: since it’s primarily his domain, he wanted a say in what went where and more importantly what was going to the trash or to be donated. In the end, it was worth the difficulties and differences of opinions we encountered over the next 2 days. (The photos should prove that!)

This scenario is not unlike what we experience at times with our clients. Items have meaning & it’s hard to part with them; the process becomes overwhelming & even boring; the task seems insurmountable with no end in sight; to make a dent in that huge pile of stuff seems impossible.

That’s where the freaks come to the rescue and lend a helping & objective hand. And hopefully the next time the client returns to the “freaked” area, they feel relief instead of stress and easily find what it is they need because it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be!

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