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August 21, 2013

“The Control Freaks were so wonderful to work with. They far exceeded my expectations.  Trying to get our home ready to be put on the market after living there for 26 years was a very big undertaking.  When I met Tori and Sherri for a consultation, I immediately liked them but I was extremely nervous before our first organizing session.  I did not know how it was going to work because I had so many things to go through that had so much meaning to me and my family, I just did not know how I could work with strangers.  Well, they were the best.  They were totally nonjudgmental, they were empathetic and they have such a wonderful sense of humor. They were exactly what I needed to help me move forward and tackle such a big job.  They helped me focus on one room at a time; they did not tell me what to get rid of but helped me make decisions and kept me motivated. They gave me homework to do between visits-that was for me to go through things that only I could deal with. They like to work in sessions of no less than 4 hours and I have to say that I was disappointed on days that they could not work with me for 8 hours. There were times that I felt like we took one foot forward and two back but like any big project like this that is to be expected. But I could see that we were making progress and it kept me inspired. In the end I was so happy because my house was uncluttered and extremely organized. It looked terrific.  The only sad thing was that we were finished and they were not coming back.  I looked forward to seeing them and I felt like they were friends and I realized that we were finished, at least for this project. I highly recommend them, they go out of their way to do anything you might need, they are fun to work with and most importantly, they are sensitive to the fact that there are things that you are very attached to and they do not tell you what you should keep or get rid of but they make the job so much easier. I hope I have an opportunity to work with them again on a project.” D.S., South Charlotte

June 29, 2013

It might surprise you to find out that many of our clients hire us to do entire home organization…every room, every closet, every cabinet, everything! In March 2012, a darling gal contacted us to say, “Help!”. We started the freak process room by room shortly thereafter (we consult with each client & then come up with a mutually agreed upon priority list).

Over a year later, the last room on the list (in her now totally freak’d home!) was an amazing space that had become the catch-all room (we ALL seem to have those, don’t we?). She wanted to enjoy the room again as it was originally intended to be- a space to call her own where she could be creative.

We think the final product is amazing. Enjoy!

June 29, 2013

Like the old adage, “the shoemaker’s children have no shoes”, sometimes a control freak has no time to declutter & organize her own home! That was the case for my husband’s tool room…a project that’s needed attention for some time. You might be wondering why the hubbie didn’t tackle it himself. Me too!

All kidding aside- as in most marriages, we each have our strengths & weaknesses. Mine just happens to be organizing. So…I finally decided Father’s Day weekend was as good a weekend as any to take the plunge. After all, wouldn’t that be a wonderful gift to my husband?!

My husband was less than enthusiastic probably because he knows how meticulous I am…translation: there was a lot of tedious decluttering, cleaning, sorting, etc ahead. But I was the one who was going to do the work, right? So what was the big deal? Answer: since it’s primarily his domain, he wanted a say in what went where and more importantly what was going to the trash or to be donated. In the end, it was worth the difficulties and differences of opinions we encountered over the next 2 days. (The photos should prove that!)

This scenario is not unlike what we experience at times with our clients. Items have meaning & it’s hard to part with them; the process becomes overwhelming & even boring; the task seems insurmountable with no end in sight; to make a dent in that huge pile of stuff seems impossible.

That’s where the freaks come to the rescue and lend a helping & objective hand. And hopefully the next time the client returns to the “freaked” area, they feel relief instead of stress and easily find what it is they need because it’s exactly where it’s supposed to be!

June 10, 2013

So, the Freaks have been hard at work creating our new blog for the last several months, and here it finally is! We did a marketing shoot with Angela Tucker back last fall to feature some of our work. And, that’s what we’d like to share with you all in our first post. We hope you’ll enjoy viewing the pics that Angela took…she’s a fabulous photographer as well as a great friend! We couldn’t have changed over the website to a blog format without her either, so KUDOS to Angela! We are excited about the new blog because we think it will allow us to more easily share with you what we do. With that in mind, you can be sure there will be lots more photos and organizational ideas on future posts! Enjoy!Favorites0027 Favorites0026 Favorites0025 Favorites0024 Favorites0028  Control Freaks0019 Control Freaks0017 Control Freaks0016 Control Freaks0014 Control Freaks0010 Control Freaks0009 Control Freaks0007 Control Freaks0006 Control Freaks0004 Control Freaks0003